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About DH Photography

Welcome to DH Photography, established in 2013 and nestled in the scenic landscapes of Newry & Mourne, Ireland.

With our roots firmly planted in this picturesque region, we've since expanded our reach to serve both the North and South of the country.


At DH Photography, we specialise in immortalising life's most poignant moments. Whether it's the enchantment of a wedding day, the intimacy of a family portrait, the reverence of a Holy Communion, or any other milestone, we are devoted to preserving the essence of your cherished memories.


We believe that photography transcends mere observation; it's about capturing the essence of emotion. Passionate about photography we are dedicate to encapsulate the energy, emotions, and narratives behind every image. Beyond mere documentation, we craft visual stories that resonate deeply with viewers, evoking genuine sentiments.


As your comprehensive photography solution, DH Photography offers an array of services. From capturing raw emotions of your wedding to delivering timeless family portraits, we ensure that each image reflects the authentic spirit of the occasion.Our signature photography style seamlessly blends contemporary flair with timeless elegance.


With meticulous attention to detail, we meticulously curate lighting, composition, and angles to produce captivating photographs destined to endure through generations.Understanding the significance of every moment and the memories they hold, we pledge a personalised and professional service tailored to your unique preferences. We will collaborate closely with you, ensuring your vision is captured. 

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